Self Reporting BIF Point System
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Registered progeny must enter under their registered name. If unregistered, the progeny must run under the same barn name throughout fund eligibility period.
• All points must be submitted (or postmarked) by the 15th of each month. No late points will be accepted.
• All points must be submitted on this form or mail in form.
• Owners/riders of BIF progeny are responsible for the accuracy of the points as they appear on the website. Administrator must be notified of incorrect points within 15 days of posting.

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By clicking the "SUBMIT' button, I hereby confirm the information I’m submitting is correct. I agree to abide by any and all rules and conditions as set for this fund, or the changes thereof, as are deemed necessary by BIF. All parties (owners & riders) involved in the BIF are responsible for the conditions and fully understanding their content. BIF assumes no liability to those who have not read the conditions and having not read these conditions they are still held to their contents. If the fund is cancelled, all fees, excluding interest, will be refunded.
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